Masonry Construction by LJC Masonry Contractors Inc

Masonry is one of the oldest trades in human civilization and it continues to thrive here in Barrie thanks to the expert residential and commercial masonry construction services offered by LJC Masonry Contractors Inc. When residential or commercial property owners want new constructions, remodels or renovations to stand the test of time, they elect to acquire masonry construction services because it’s long been known as the most durable method of building practically anything.

For commercial and residential properties alike, image is key. When you choose to build something with masonry, you project onto the eyes of the beholder an image or excellence and permanence. No other material leaves onlookers with the impression of strength, quality and substance like brick, block and stone. If you want to build something that looks as though it will continue to stand for centuries, contact LJC Masonry Contractors Inc today.

LJC Masonry Contractors Inc’s team of highly trained and experienced masons have completed a number of masonry construction projects all over the Barrie area and we are eager to work with you to bring yours to life. Give us a call today to receive a free estimate on our expert and fully licensed construction services.

Custom Constructions

Aside from the environmentally friendly and long-lasting features that makes masonry construction so attractive to residential and commercial clients, the design flexibility masonry affords is unparalleled. If you were to move forward with your construction project with wood or metal, you would be forced to make certain compromises which might eventually detract from your enjoyment of the final product.

Though we have built many buildings, driveways, chimneys, patios and other things, every client has different creative flourishes that they would like to include, or their property poses certain challenges we must overcome. If this were a more rigid form of construction, overcoming these challenges and delivering on our client’s vision would be complicated. But thanks to the design flexibility inherent in masonry construction, coupled with the expertise of our fully qualified team of commercial and residential masons, we guarantee we can figure out a way to build whatever you have in mind.

Give us a call today so that we can get started on planning your custom construction immediately.

Quality Work and Customer Satisfaction

Here at LJC Masonry Contractors Inc, we only believe in two things: quality work and customer satisfaction.

It doesn’t matter whether we are working on a residential or commercial project in the Barrie, our masons always conduct themselves in the most professional manner. That means addressing any concerns with clear answers, keeping a clean job site, making sure we are on schedule and that we are not incurring unnecessary costs.

Our business depends on being able to build things strong and beautiful—but that’s only half the battle. If our residential and commercial clients aren’t pleased with how we have conducted ourselves throughout the construction process, that could be it for us. We understand how one bad review could break us, which is why we always do whatever we can to be on our best behavior while working for you.

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